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Why Handmade?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

I choose handmade because its just something about that extra special touch and when you know someone took the time to create something just for you. I choose handmade for sustainability in our economy, and our earth. Handmade products naturally contain less harmful ingredients and fewer additives, therefore becoming healthier for you to use.

Soaping has been around for centuries and done through a variety of techniques. I first learned of soap making when I was a little girl in the kitchen with my grandmother. I would watch her as she made what I thought was slabs of chunky pudding, ( but could never be eaten of course). My grandfather was a Master Mechanic, and the chunky pudding after it hardened was the only thing that would get his hands clean enough to eat before dinner time.

I enjoyed the process but not the smell of lye and lard. So taking what Ive seen, learned and heard, I began on a journey to handcraft lively, beautiful and sensational smelling soaps. We have crafting in our soul, and I needed a way to free my soul to share with the world. I believe we all have gifts to share and every unique individual has hands to create and mold the life around them. When grandma couldn't find a cleaner on the market she created her own. I encourage everyone to find what their hands are capable of making once you put your mind in motion.

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